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Leaders in Strategic Marketing Communication Solutions

Yorke Communications, founded in 2008, is an Adfactors Group company. Founded by communication professionals Peter and Matilda Yorke, the company has emerged as one of the leading digital marketing companies in India, capable of reaching audiences across multiple channels. With its foundation in world-class content, Yorke Communications has worked with over 130 brands in India and overseas. In February 2015, Adfactors PR, India’s largest PR consultancy made their strategic investment with Yorke Communications.

Driving Success through Diversity

Yorke Communications has created many innovative and wide-reaching marketing campaigns that are anchored through data driven metrics. Our added understanding of internet marketing tools, search engine optimization, mobile content management will enhance the organizations visibility on the digital and print media.

In the last 9 years, we have transformed into an integrated digital marketing company and are committed to create an content marketing eco-system that will deliver tailored solutions to divergent verticals and markets.


Strategic Solutions  - 80%
Creative Team - 75%
Marketing Expertise  - 60%
Content Development - 90%
Lead Generation - 70%